Aude, a member of our team at NEO-FUGU®, revealed what she thinks of her job

💼🔥 Aude, a member of our team at NEO-FUGU®, revealed what she thinks of her job :

– Why NEO-FUGU® ?

“I chose NEO-FUGU® because the job advert posted on social networks was attractive (and matched my profile and desires): it highlighted a friendly, caring atmosphere, with plenty of room for individual ideas and development.”

– What do you particularly like about working for NEO-FUGU® ?

“What I like about NEO-FUGU® is the collective dynamic ! Everyone works well together, cooperating on all issues but retaining a high degree of autonomy. When a problem arises, or a question arises, you just have to look up to get an answer, and that’s very appreciable.”

– How would you describe the working environment?

“The working atmosphere is relaxed and jovial. Everyone talks to everyone else, and we work to music and in a good mood. We frequently organize social events such as games evenings and barbecues, and this contributes greatly to the sense of fulfillment within the company.”

– How did your integration go ?

“My integration went very well. Everyone took the time to talk to me and introduce me to their work. Morgane made sure I felt quickly integrated into the teams, and the other project managers were always available when I needed them. I was lucky enough to be able to accompany the project managers to our customers very quickly, to get a better understanding of the business and the sector.”

– Are you satisfied with your missions ?

“I’m really fulfilled by the assignments I’m given, because they’re so diverse. In addition to fulfilling all the tasks of a project manager, I’ve been able to integrate into my daily routine tasks that are closer to my previous experience (such as legal affairs and change management), which makes my daily life more rewarding.”

– What do you think of our industry ?

“The jewellery manufacturing sector was totally unknown to me. As the weeks went by, I was able to understand the specifics, the challenges, but also the difficulties that it can represent. It was a wonderful discovery for me, and I have no regrets at all about working in this sector, in which I’m fully  blossoming.”

– Do you have any anecdotes to share with us about your experience at NEO-FUGU® ?

“NEO-FUGU® is a company of gourmets : every day, someone brings in food (pastries, savory snacks, foreign culinary delights) !
And working alongside passionate technical experts who love to go the extra mile is a real source of inspiration for us all. 🚀💻”

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