The art of setting is the link between the jeweler’s profession and the polisher’s one.

A gem-setter has special skills and uses a variety of techniques to assemble a precious stone to its setting. His work requires precision and also a pronounced aesthetic sense.

This stage is an essential link in the jewelry production chain. From analyzing gems to inlaying them, the gem-setter methodically chooses the type of setting and checks the conformity of the stones by applying all the appropriate procedures.
Delicately and scrupulously, the setter secures the jewel in a handle that has been protected with a malleable wax and he then determines the setting and the tools to be used. These can change depending on the metal to which the stone will be affixed. He chooses the appropriate type of setting (claw-set, bead-set, closed-set, baguette-set…) and finally puts his talent to work on the stone and the setting.

Some pieces are more fragile than others; these require unrivalled dexterity and technical skill to ensure that the gems take their proper place on the jewel that bears them.

Setting precious stones without damaging them is a daily challenge for the gem-setter, who is dexterous with his fingers, examines every detail and finely crafts all the elements to bring out a stone’s brilliance.

As a profession, gem-setting requires a keen eye for detail. It’s a high-precision work combining precise gestures and a rigorous knowledge of the materials handled.