The creation of a piece of jewelry involves a number of stages, from CAD to polishing, stone selection and setting. An artisan jeweler’s job is to transform an idea, a design or a concept into a real piece of jewelry !

With the customer, the artisan jeweler determines the various aspects required to manufacture the jewel. There are some key elements that define the rest of the project and the process to be implemented, such as style, form, budget and components.

Based on a sketch or wax model, the artisan jeweler proceeds with the casting process, which consists of pouring the pre-defined metal into a mold, and then adjusting the piece to fit the chosen stones.

Artisan jewelers mainly create settings designed to hold stones. He can carry out the rest of the manufacturing himself, or send it to other professionals such as the gem-setter or polisher, for a unique, flawless result. Once the piece has been melted, set and crimped, the polisher removes all visible traces and gives the jewel its lustre.

It’s a long and often complex process, requiring optimum and intelligent mobilization of both human and material resources. The impeccable management of this process is the guarantee of an exceptional piece of jewelry !

It must be said that the job of an artisan jeweler requires a certain love of fine craftsmanship, flawless precision and a vivid imagination.

What does jewelry encompass ?

Generally speaking, jewelry uses a variety of materials, such as platinum, silver or gold… So a jeweller can make pieces using precious metals or not, and there are no particular requirements in the choice of material.

However, in the world of jewelry, it is also common to use only precious metals in order to best enhance stones considered as unique, natural and usually cut individually by a lapidary.