NEO-FUGU®, ERP and MES software for a 4.0 leather workshop.

2 complementary ERP & MES tools for leatherwork

for workshop follow-up

Real-time workshop management to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Synchronized with your central ERP.

for administrative management

For comprehensive management of your jewellery and watchmaking business. From quotation management to invoicing, tracking time, material losses…

10 modules to suit your needs

Centralize all commercial and production data for your jewelry workshop in a single, modular, specialized and innovative software package.

Control your sales management smoothly and efficiently.

  • Customer directory
  • Product catalog
  • Quotations / data sheets
  • Customer orders
  • Traceability management
  • Production order (PO) generation via QR-CODE
  • Delivery notes / Proforma
  • Material and labor invoicing (at daily rate according to metal formula)

Simplify exchanges between your company, its customers and suppliers, using pre-established and customized exchange protocols.

Import and export data such as customer orders, supplier orders, items and bills of materials.

Simplify traceability of materials and components sent to your subcontractors.

  • Deadline tracking
  • In-process management
  • Track material losses
  • Add value to subcontracting

Gain visibility of your workshop activity and plan your production with ease.

  • Load / capacity analysis
  • Presence planning
  • Individual touch tablets (NEO-FUGU Workshop)
  • Time reporting
  • Production orders via QR-CODE
  • Collaborative messaging with HD photo capture

Track material consumption in NEO-FUGU.

  • Complete manufacturing genealogy
  • Downward traceability
  • Upward traceability
  • Loss tracking
  • Complete consumption history

Optimize supply management.

  • Supplier directory
  • Component catalog
  • Serialized inventory management
  • Purchase orders
  • Material traceability
  • Calculation of material requirements
  • Tooling management

Control your production order (PO) completion times with NEO-FUGU Workshop touchscreen tablets.

  • Real-time production tracking
  • Manufacturing ranges
  • Bills of material (nomenclatures)
  • Individual touch tablets

Analyze your company’s needs in terms of financial statistics, production and much more.

Touchscreen tablets
NEO-FUGU® Workshop

Control the time 

Real-time tracking of production orders using individual touch-screen tablets and QR-CODEs.

Secure your documentation

Dematerialize your documentation and distribute it securely via NEO-FUGU Workshop tablets.

Locate your production orders

Real-time progress monitoring and full production reports.

6 reasons to choose NEO-FUGU®


Internally and externally, by centralizing the exchange of documents and information.


Expertise recognized in the HBJO sector.


A constantly evolving system to suit your needs.


Responsive service available to suit your needs.


Privileged support during integration into your workshop.​


Continuous improvement of the system in collaboration with users.


A creative and dynamic team at your service

Developers, project managers, ERP consultants, trainers, sales administration : NEO-LOGIX is a complementary team with 18 years of expertise in jewelry, watchmaking and leather goods.

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