High Jewelry

High Jewelry

Place vendome

High Jewelry, before being a profession, is an art of excellence and refinement that is practiced every day in the heart of the greatest workshops such as those on Place Vendôme: a universal symbol of luxury.

A High Jewelry workshop is a place where prestigious creations worthy of the greatest fashion shows are born. Passion, creativity, innovation, ingenuity, mastery of skills and the quest for excellence are all elements that characterize this profession.

These unique pieces are handcrafted with the greatest respect for the aesthetic codes of each era and French traditions. The master jeweler brings to life true jewels that stand the test of time by blending traditional skills with the mastery of innovative techniques.

A master jeweler designs jewelry pieces for leading luxury brands. His work is of the highest quality, and he is often in search of the best tools and precision to achieve exceptional results.

Gemstones are the main components of a High Jewelry creation so they are carefully selected and meticulously inspected to ensure the quality of each stone.

The use of high-value metals and stones is therefore unquestionable, which is why the High Jewelry sets created are usually worn only once, on red carpets or special occasions : they are not designed for purchase, but rather for loan by prestigious brands and celebrities. Generally speaking, the lifetime of a High Jewelry set is the duration of a ceremony: once it has been completed, it is returned to its safe, only to be dismantled and its stones reused for other creations.

High Jewelry is undoubtedly a passionate affair, embodying an inspiring and fabulous vision of fashion that makes women and men dream!