Machining is a high-precision profession, involving the assembly and production of complex and unique parts with rigorous precision.

Above all, a machining technician, accompanied by his team and using the tools at his disposal, is concerned with removing material to give the raw part the desired shape and dimensions ; this work can be carried out on all types of metals and alloys.

Whether it’s a series of ten or thousands of parts, a machining technician is constantly caring about perfection, studying and choosing the most appropriate techniques to produce the desired pieces. In this sense, it intervenes throughout the manufacturing process to anticipate and solve production-related problems.

Before starting production, it is important to carry out technical, mechanical and commercial validations to be in line with customer requirements.
At the end, jewelry must be presented with excellent surface finishes and impeccable quality.

It has to be said that machining is a profession that requires exclusive know-how, as it simultaneously combines a range of artisanal and industrial techniques !
This alchemy of high-tech, high-precision and speed ensures that the result is achieved correctly and in the shortest possible time.