Cast Iron

Cast Iron


The art of casting iron is an age-old skill that has become indispensable in small workshops and factories alike. It’s an excellent technique for producing unique pieces.
This profession involves pouring a liquid metal or alloy into a mold to reproduce part of a piece.
After cooling, the metal takes on the shape of the jewel, and must be identical to the shape defined in the prototype (CAD). During this process, the foundry operator must also keep subsequent finishing work to a minimum.

The foundry operator uses a variety of casting techniques to produce finished parts. The choice of one technique over another depends on the nature of the alloy, the dimensions, quantities and characteristics of the parts to be produced.

Lost wax casting, with sand or cuttlebone is a complex technique, requiring high precision and quick reflexes.

Good perception of volumes, verification of quality standards, control of metal melting, good knowledge of alloys and control of the metal production process are just some of the tasks a foundry operator has to perform on his daily activities.

Foundry operators are generally drawn to modeling and sculpture. As a result, they possess a certain artistic sensitivity that enables them to excel in their profession and produce works of art !