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Automated police book

The police book must represent the entire flow of precious metals within a workshop. This document can be found in the form of a notebook, book or Excel spreadsheet, but can also be processed by specialized software/ERP. The workshop must comply with the legal obligation to reference every entry and exit of precious metal (gold, silver, platinum)…

From the moment the material is received to the moment it is dispatched, each movement of precious materials must be recorded and documented on delivery or receiving slips. The police book enables workshops to justify their precious metal quantities at any time.

With NEO-FUGU®, the police book is 100% automated and in the event of an inspection, you can download the document you need to present to customs in just one click !

Livre de police
Contrôle de garantie

Simplified warranty control

The hallmark is compulsory in France for gold, silver and platinum coins weighing over 3 grams. This is a mark done manually or by laser placed on jewelry pieces to certify the composition and quality of the metal. Workshops that have been delegated the task of hallmarking can do so themselves; otherwise, they must go to an approved inspection body to have their parts hallmarked. A formal document must then be completed and presented to customs every quarter.

NEO-FUGU® sends you a notification every time you have a check to complete. The document to be completed is generated automatically, and NEO-FUGU® reminds you when to send it.

Guaranteed material traceability

In the jewelry industry, labels such as the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) require workshops to be able to justify the provenance of gold and gemstones. For each part, you need to be able to identify where the raw material comes from, and follow its production path. In this way, it is possible to find all the parts made with the same “granule batch”, and also to determine each component used in the production of a part.

NEO-FUGU® gives you a clear and precise overview of the traceability of your gemstones and metals to meet the expectations of labels and, more specifically, the RJC CoC.

Traçabilité matière

100% reliable inventory

Inventory represents everything that is not linked to a production order (PO). It’s all about the components of a jewel : shot, stones, wires, primers… Items are classified by batch number, quantity or weight, and regular inventories need to be carried out to keep the inventory up to date. The reliability of your inventory enables you to increase the performance and consequently the productivity of your workshop. Every receipt of material or production in progress must be recorded to ensure that the latter is not distorted: this job is about rigor and consistency.

With NEO-FUGU®, your stock is always up to date!


The nomenclature lists all the elements required to produce a part. It helps to determine whether these elements are available in stock, or whether an order needs to be placed. Simply put, this is the “shopping list” required to produce a part.

Determine a precise nomenclature of materials for each item on NEO-FUGU® to facilitate order and stock management.


Cast Iron

Cast Iron is the main step after CAD, the foundryman takes material from stock, usually granule, and transforms it into a rough piece. This piece is then worked on by the jewelers, based on the CAD models.

All transformation data are easily integrated into NEO-FUGU®.

Precise loss tracking

Loss tracking represents a real economic challenge for workshops. When a piece is manufactured, it goes through several stages of transformation where it loses material, notably at the crimping or polishing stage. The workshops will then define the authorized loss rate. They will then follow the evolution of the part’s weight during each of its manufacturing stages. Some workshops choose not to collect waste from their subcontractors/craftsmen, but some others ask for it to be returned to them… In the long term, hundreds of grams or even kilos of gold can be recovered, which represents a considerable budget !

NEO-FUGU® helps you calculate precious metal losses at every stage of production.

Suivi de la perte

Integrated weight counter

The weight counter is similar to a bank account, but it does not involve monetary transactions, but fine precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium). The workshops will then have a metal account which will be updated with each action. This system is used between contractors and subcontractors, which means that subcontractors don’t have to draw their precious metals from their own stock; they are supplied directly to them via weight accounts. This makes it possible to track all metal transactions between workshops.

Few ERPs are capable of handling weight counters. NEO-FUGU® has been designed specifically for jewelry workshops, and handles them natively.