The best ERP & MES software for a 4.0 workshop

 NEO-FUGU® combines the ancestral know-how of the jewellery and watchmaking manufactures, and an integrated management both innovative and effective.

From the order management to the conception of the finished product, including material and product monitoring, our solution is fully adaptable to suit your needs and processes for a powerful and flexible management.

Jewellery & watchmaking software

Get onboard for a complete and flexible solution

NEO-FUGU® is a comprehensive range of management tools for high jewellery, jewellery and watchmaking workshops. It is flexible and it reinvents itself to match your actual needs.



For a global management of your jewellery or watchmaking workshop. From quotations until invoicing including time tracking, loss of material…

NEO-FUGU® Workshop​

Obtain a real time workshop management directly integrated in your workshop. It is synchronised with your central ERP.


Keep track on your production time in your jewellery or watchmaking workshop thanks to the NEO-FUGU® KIOSK and its collective interactive terminal.

Turn it up a notch with NEO-FUGU® Pilot

NEO-FUGU® Pilot is an ERP software for high jewellery, jewellery and watchmaking entirely designed to fully optimise your operations and improve agility. It is a tool that offers many functions to manage your resources and control your value chain.

Monitor all your operations

NEO-FUGU® Pilot centralises all your resources in a unique interface to facilitate your workshop management.

Rely on a secure system

Our ERP solution for jewellery and watch manufacture is fully reliable to safely secure your data and avoid any technical constraints.

Gain flexibility every day

NEO-FUGU® Pilot integrates all the professions and stakeholders for an easy, global, and flexible management of your workshop.

Always keep an eye on your production with NEO-FUGU® Workshop

With NEO-FUGU® Workshop, collect real-time data coming right from your workshop and control all your design operations. Embark with your whole team and improve collaboration among all the players from your workshop thanks to a suitable and intuitive equipment: individual touch tablets, interactive terminals, and connected work tools.

Control working time

Monitor each step of the design process for your jewellery and watch manufacture projects to gain long-term efficiency.

Dematerialise your documentation

NEO-FUGU® Workshop allows you to easily provide your workers with documentation, with total security.

Locate your production orders

Track the status of your production orders in real-time thanks to individual touch tablets and QR Code identification*.

Involve your teams with NEO-FUGU® Kiosk

Share a high-quality tool

NEO-FUGU® Kiosk has a 22” touchscreen that can host from 5 to 15 craftsmen at the same time.

Facilitate time tracking

Thanks to time-reporting in NEO-FUGU® Kiosk, you can follow in real-time your workshop activity and the ongoing production orders.

Value your workforce

Craftsmen participations offer a full production monitoring and also a better valorisation of the work completed.

10 modules to meet your company needs

Centralise all your commercial and production data coming from your jewellery or watchmaking workshop in a unique, specialised, and innovative solution: the NEO-FUGU® Software.

Commercial Management

Electronic Data Interchange

Consignment & subcontractors

Production Management

Metal Processing

Supply Management

Workshop & Chain of Custody

Metal Account

Customs & Hallmark

Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

Trust a team of passionate people

Developers, project managers, ERP consultants, trainers, sales administrators… NEO-LOGIX is a complementary team with a 15 years’ experience with jewellery and watchmaking workshops.

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With its strong core values, NEO-FUGU® is now a recognised and professional software in the jewellery and watch manufacture industry.

An enhanced cooperation between internal and external players.

Enjoy a privileged assistance all along your experience.

An evolutive solution that suits to your needs.

In-depth knowledge of the High Jewellery, Jewellery and Watchmaking industry.

A reactive and qualified assistance to respond to your requests.

Continuous improvement is at the core of our operational organisation.

*  QR Code is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.