Step up a gear with NEO-FUGU® ERP Pilot

NEO-FUGU® Pilot is an ERP solution for the jewelry and watchmaking industries, designed to optimize all your operations and increase your agility. A fully-featured tool for managing all your resources and controlling your value chain.

Control all your operations

NEO-FUGU® Pilot centralizes all your resources in a single interface for easy workshop management.

Rely on a secure system

Our jewelry ERP solution is fully reliable, so your data is secure and you don't have to worry about technical issues.

Gain flexibility in your daily work

NEO-FUGU® Pilot integrates all your businesses and stakeholders for easy, flexible global management of your organization.

10 modules to suit your needs

Centralize all commercial and production data for your jewelry workshop in a single, modular, specialized and innovative software package.

Sales management

Control your sales management smoothly and efficiently.

Customer directory
Product catalog
Quotations / data sheets
Customer orders
Serial number/engraving management
Production order (PO) generation via QR-CODE
Delivery notes / Proforma
Invoicing for custom-made products, stones and precious metals (at daily rate according to metal formula)

EDI connector

Simplify exchanges between your company, its customers and suppliers, using pre-established and customized exchange protocols.

Import and export data such as customer orders, supplier orders, items and bills of nomenclature.

Entrusted & outsourcing

Facilitate traceability of structures, stones and components sent to your subcontractors.

Deadline tracking
WIP management
Track material losses
Valuation of entrusted 

Production management

Gain visibility of your workshop activity and plan your production with ease.

Load / capacity analysis
Presence planning
Individual touch tablets (NEO-FUGU Workshop)
Time reporting
Production orders via QR-CODE
Collaborative messaging with HD photo capture

Precious metal processing

Trace your precious metal transformations. Declare casting, additive printing, machining or laser cutting in NEO-FUGU.

Complete work genealogy
Downward traceability
Upward traceability
Loss tracking
Complete transformation history

Purchasing & inventory

Optimize supply management.

Supplier directory
Component catalog
Serialized inventory management
Purchase orders
Traceability of precious stones and metals
Calculation of material requirements
Tooling management

Analytic & Business Intelligence

Connect NEO-FUGU® to Microsoft Power BI and let your data do the talking for informed decision-making.

Customs & warranty

Secure all your customs obligations.

Police book
Title stamp
Half-yearly statistical statement

Weight counter

Automate the management of customer and supplier weight accounts for the precious metals and titrations you require.

Workshop & traceability

NEO-FUGU Workshop touchscreen tablets give you full control over production order (PO) completion times.

Real-time production monitoring
Manufacturing ranges
Bills of material
Individual touch tablets

Complete Chain of Custody (CoC*)

Metal batch number
Dematerialized titration certificate / OCA
Certificate of gemmology
*Chain of Custody (Useful for RJC CoC certification)

Our features related to precious metals

Features that make NEO-FUGU® a recognized professional software in the jewelry and watchmaking sector.