Keep a close eye on production with NEO-FUGU® MES

With NEO-FUGU® MES, you can collect all your workshop data in real time and control all your design operations. Bring all your teams on board and improve collaboration between all the players in your workshop with adapted, intuitive equipment : touch-screen tablets, interactive terminals and connected work tools.

Control the working time

Control every stage in the design of your jewelry and timepieces, for long-term efficiency gains.

Locate your production orders

Track the status of your production orders in real time with individual touch-screen tablets and QR-Codes.

Promote the work of your craftsmen

The participation of craftsmen offers complete production monitoring and greater appreciation of the work carried out.

Keep track of your time

Keep track of your workshop's activity and current production orders in real time, thanks to work reporting via NEO-FUGU® Kiosk or NEO-FUGU® Workshop.

Choose between our 2 options NEO-FUGU® Kiosk and NEO-FUGU® Workshop

NEO-FUGU® Workshop

NEO-FUGU® Workshop revolutionizes the management of your jewelry workshop with an innovative solution.

Each member of your team has a touch-sensitive tablet, enabling them to easily record the time spent on each stage of a production order.

In addition to monitoring the production process in real time, our tool provides instant access to all relevant documentation, guaranteeing smooth and accurate task execution.

Moreover, artisans can communicate directly with the workshop manager via the platform, promoting effective communication and optimal collaboration within your workshop.

Tablette Neo-Fugu


With our simple and intuitive solution NEO-FUGU® Kiosk, between 5 and 15 craftsmen can easily register their start and end of work on a production order via a touch screen.

Easy to set up and use, NEO-FUGU® Kiosk offers a fast, efficient solution for accurate production time tracking.

With NEO-FUGU® Kiosk, optimize your workshop's time management and ensure perfect traceability of every production step.


Our features​

Features that make NEO-FUGU® MES a recognized professional software in the jewelry and watchmaking sector.