Meet Paul Lacan, NEO-FUGU® Project Manager

Meet Paul Lacan, who joined NEO-FUGU® Family🐟 a few months ago as a Project Manager on a permanent contract in our Projects department 🧰 !

His role ❓

👉🏻 Act as a link between our customers and our teams throughout the design and integration of the project & supervise its successful execution.

🎤 Here’s his testimonial👇🏻

“After working for several years in aeronautics and industry, I had a desire to discover a new sector, and I was conquered by NEO-FUGU®’s various projects in the jewelry and luxury goods fields. The friendly working environment and the dynamism of the company enabled me to make a successful professional transition💯.

The company’s strong growth and the challenges of our business mean that we need to provide our customers with ongoing support to meet their needs and adapt to various strategic changes. This transition and this support are based on the trust that my team places in me on a daily basis, which reinforces my professional choices.

When I joined the project team, I rediscovered an agile working method that enables us to respond effectively to the needs of our internal and external contacts.

The working environment and the contagious good humor of all the staff means you can always give your best ! Thanks again to the whole NEO-FUGU® Family🐟 and the ABGX team for their welcome and enthusiasm.”

Thank yout Paul, the whole team wishes him all the best 👏🏻!