How to join us

How to join us

At NEO-FUGU® we regularly recruit talented profiles to contribute to our rapid growth.

Would you like to contribute to enriching our solution? Don’t hesitate to consult this section regularly !

Our teams

Software developer

A team of developers who ensure the development phase and quality control of all our projects and software !

Project Manager

A team of privileged contacts for the customer and internally on the subjects of integration and, more broadly, the use of our solutions. The team manages ERP integration at customer sites, and defines the project’s requirements and detailed technical specifications.

Commercial & Marketing

This department plays a key role in coordinating marketing, boosting prospecting and managing sales activities, to drive efficiently our company’s growth and influence.

HR & Finance

The finance department ensures and verifies the company’s profitability, as well as analyzing business activity and project feasibility. The HR department is responsible for the administrative and social management of the teams.

Conviviality & Mutual aid

It’s an everyday state of mind;
although NEO-FUGU® is a fast-growing company, it 
has succeeded in remaining a
friendly company.

Respect & Courtesy

It’s about elementary behavior and two positive qualities in our company !


At NEO-FUGU®, we are deeply committed to the environment and actively integrate sustainable practices into all our operations.

Our values at NEO-FUGU®

We’re a team of passionate from all walks of life, because we believe that every member of our team can make a contribution by adding his or her own personality.

The values that enable us to optimize our day-to-day operations and communication, both internally and externally, are responsiveness, conviviality and mutual aid.

Our job offers